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Choosing a Nutritonal Lifestyle...

The philosophy of a Chiropractic Lifestyle promotes and encourages complete, whole body health.  Along with exercise, quality sleep, and proper hydration, the Chiropractic Lifestyle includes eating healthy foods complemented with high quality, supportive vitamins and supplements.  Preferably whole food based. Good dietary, vitamin and supplement choices enhance wellness and function, maximize energy, minimize stress, and help prevent and treat illness within our body.   Not only do we offer a nice variety of high quality professional vitamins and supplements, we also provide educated nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.


What is Vitamin Muscle Testing?

Dr. Rehwald performs precision muscle testing to determine which vitamins and/or supplements positvely coincide with your body.  Muscle Testing can be performed on vitamins and supplements available at Elite Integration Chiropractic or that you bring from home.


We Offer Professional Vitamins, Supplements and Supplies from the Following Companies:

     Bio Freeze

     ChiroFlow Therapeutic Pillows

     Drucker Labs

     Herbs For Kids

     JoMar Labs

     Juice Plus

     LivOn Labs

     New Chapter




     Original Medicine

     Progressive Labs

     Pure Encapsulations

     Pure Synergy

     Standard Process

     Time Laboratories

     Vital Earth






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