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Hear what our patients have to say...

Dr. Rehwald’s unique approach to overall athletic performance has been a crucial part in achieving new heights in my Crossfit. Not only have I been able to lift more and perform better than I ever have prior to seeing Dr. Rehwald but I recover faster. With the combination of targeted Chiropractic, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, and an extensive understanding of what an athlete needs to be at their peak, Dr. Rehwald is unmatched in his field. More than just a Chiropractor, he is an expert at identifying and treating the body's needs in order to achieve and maintain an extremely high level of fitness and health no matter what the sport of choice. As the owner of MarineWOD, full time Crossfit coach and athlete, I highly recommend that anyone looking to achieve a greater level of well being add Dr. Rehwald to their team as an integral part of their training.


M.M., M, 27  Frisco, TX


I began seeing Dr. Jason in the fall of 2016 and cannot say enough GREAT THINGS about his practice, his technique, and his kindness towards his patients. I had struggled with chronic neck and shoulder pain due to a serious car wreck several years ago and couldn’t seem to overcome the constant pain. I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and enjoy living an active lifestyle. However, due to my injury, I was never able to fully recover and strengthen my  neck muscles like normal. Upper body strength and stamina have been a struggle to regain, UNTIL I met Dr. Jason and begin AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) with him. This technique changed my life! After about 6 weeks of appointments with Dr. Jason, I began to see improvement in my workouts and my upper body strength. I can’t believe that I am now able to do push-ups, planks, & upper-body work again without intense neck & shoulder pain the remainder of the day. I am a firm believer in AMIT technique. Not only has it helped in ‘Accelerating Proper Injury Rehabilitation’ but it has also ‘Enhanced my Athletic Performance’ and restored my strength and stamina in all my workouts! I highly recommend Dr. Jason and his services to enhance overall health and healing within our spine and body. The atmosphere of his office and his staff are so uplifting and encouraging. I leave my appointment better than I was before EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thank you so much Dr Jason and staff for taking such great care of my husband and I every single time we walk through your door. We are so appreciative of all you do!
K.K., F, 31  Lubbock, TX
Dr. Rehwald was referred to me by my business partner after months of back pain from a past motorcycle accident.  I've tried multiple Chiropractors and had just about given up.  Dr. Rehwald took the time to examine me and come up with a treatment plan that is working extremely well.  Over the last month he has restored stability to multiple injured muscles and my pain is diminishing quickly.  It feels good to be on the road to recovery so quickly.  I strongly recommend Dr. Rehwald. 


T.J., M, 45  McKinney, TX


I am 60 years old and work at a computer 10-12 hours a day, as an Energy Consultant.  I play Golf which injured my back last week and got progressively worse.  I typically don’t write Testimonials but  let me be the first to say  …  Dr. Jason,  is the REAL DEAL!  I have been to Chiropractors for decades but this is the FIRST time, EVER, that a Chiropractor evaluated, looked at everything and not only solved my back issue but fixed my hip which has been giving me problems for months due to a contracted Psoas Muscle.  Unlike other Chiropractors that adjust your back, neck and then finish with the old hip torque,  to finish the adjustment, Jason put ribs back in place, adjusted my back and showed me how to stretch the Psoas after doing a manipulation on it,  himself.  UNLIKE, the others in the past,  that want to schedule your next appointment a few days later, and keep you on the hook forever, Dr. Jason FIXED the problem and said simply, “come back when you need to” .  I can’t thank him enough for his knowledge and understanding of the problem and how to fix it.   I WILL BE BACK, when I return from vacation.  One final note.  You will pay anything when you’re in pain and you can barely walk upright.  Dr. Jason is reasonably priced and 2 minutes from my house.  What a talent and a Gift he has, and is.  Thank You.

L.K., M, 60  Little Elm, TX 

Dr. Rewald helped my back so much that I can't thank him enough. He stopped my back pain in just one visit. In 2001, I had a soft ball size tumor removed from my esophagus. The tumor was successfully removed but the surgery caused me to have severe , chronic back and chest pain. I tried everything to relieve the pain. I had steroid injections, multiple rhyzotomy procedures, and accupuncture. I relied on pain medication just to get through each day. He took time to listen to me and treated me with kindness. I felt like I had a new start at life after his treatment. After my success , my wife has had successful treatment from Dr. Rewald for migraine headaches.

I would urge anyone with chronic pain to see him . He changed my life.


J.M., M, 55  North Richland Hills, TX


My shoulder problem began with a minor pain that was easy to ignore, but progressively worsened over a few months to the point it was keeping me awake at night and I had lost significant strength in my arm.  In fact, it was at the point that I began to fear I had some sort of neuro-muscular disease that you periodically hear about.  I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Jason and he quickly diagnosed that I had injured my collar bone and AC joint in the past and that some of my shoulder muscles had consequently lost strength over time.  He began a series of AMIT treatments to re-activate my shoulder muscles coupled with spinal manipulations and rehabilitation exercises.  Within a few weeks the pain was virtually gone, but more importantly, the strength returned to normal and today I have full mobility and use of my shoulder and arm.  I have come to recognize that Chiropractic and AMIT are useful not only for when I am in pain or injured, but as part of a wellness program.


J.R., M, 66  Frisco, TX 

I am a competitive gymnast and injuries are not something you want to experience. When I pulled my hamstring and hurt my knees it was like a big roadblock in my training, and fortunately I found Dr. Rehwald. Through muscle activation therapy he woke up all my "sleeping" muscles and I was like brand new! It also really improved my athletic performance tremendously, my muscles felt stronger than ever before. He is very smart and I love how fast he finds the origin of the problem and fixes it almost instantly. His work was literally like "MAGIC" the pain was immediately gone in just a few visits and I was back on track. I would never go anywhere else except here. I highly recommend going to Dr. Rehwald.


M.M., F, 14  McKinney, TX 

I call Dr. Rehwald, the “Miracle Doctor”.   I am a junior in high school and I love playing softball with all my heart. I’ve played softball since I was 11 years old and have been a starter on varsity at Prosper High School for 3 years. I also committed last fall to play college softball in Florida, so softball is a huge part of my life. Before I came to Dr. Rehwald, I was battling a shoulder injury for almost a whole year. We went to several doctors but none of them worked. The constant pain wouldn’t go away and it was effecting my softball greatly. After many months of rehab and rest with no resolution, we finally found Dr. Rehwald. Within the first appointment, I could already feel and see the difference. After only a few visits, he transformed my weak, painful shoulder into a strong, painless shoulder. I can honestly say I now play softball pain free and my shoulder is even more stronger than it was before. Dr. Rehwald also immediately fixed my many other injuries I went through this year like, my elbow, neck, quad and even ears. Not only is Dr. Rehwald a wonderful doctor, but he is also an amazing spiritual leader. His faith in God inspired me as well as his knowledge about the body. Without pain, I can now finish my high school career and move on to college…even though I might have to take him with me to Florida! Dr. Rehwald is truly my miracle doctor!


H.S., F, 17  Prosper, TX 

While training for my first half-marathon, I started to experience knee pain. After doing some research I found out it was most likely IT Band Syndrome and tried cutting back my training, icing, and anti-inflammatory patches to relieve the pain. After weeks without relief and the half-marathon now less than a month away, I was referred to Dr. Rehwald by a fellow member of the Frisco Running Club. I knew Dr. Rehwald was different than typical chiropractors as he spent an hour with me during my first visit and asked if he could adjust me at the very end of the appointment; he also called to check on how I was feeling that evening. After the initial visit with Dr. Rehwald using the AMIT technique, the knee pain stopped. Over the course of the next three weeks, he helped me regain confidence in my body and to continue training while rehabilitating my leg. As an avid marathoner, he was able to suggest stretches, nutritional advise and provide motivation for my race when I was doubtful that I'd be able to participate at all. I'm pleased to say I was able to finish the half-marathon without IT band pain. The feelings of accomplishment and pride that I felt crossing the finish line are due in part to Dr. Rehwald's help!


K.B., F, 31  Frisco, TX 

I am an avid runner and enjoy running several times a week.  A few months ago I hurt my right hip which developed into knee pain and a shin splint in my right leg.  The pain was so intense I was unable to run so I turned to Dr. Rehwald for help.  Through muscle activation therapy he was able to treat the root cause of the injury, which then completely healed the associated pain in my knee and my shin!  By activating my right leg muscles and “waking them up”, I could put weight on my leg and all muscles were then working together in their proper function, which removed the pain that fell on my knee and shin when the muscles were “turned off”.  I can now run with zero pain in my leg!  Dr. Rehwald is very skilled and knowledgeable in treating the underlying cause of aches and pains, not just the symptoms.  Any athlete should consider seeing Dr. Rehwald before they seek any other type of treatment.  His method is the most natural, direct, and complete for maintaining a healthy body.


S.R., F, 36   Frisco, TX

I began coming to Dr. Rehwald due to minor muscle sprains and injuries from intense exercise. I was thrilled with the immediate relief his treatment provided. Not only were my current injuries healed, but other potential injuries were discovered and treated. I was able to take my athletic performance to another level after working with Dr. Rehwald. I now feel less susceptible to injury and more confident in my capabilities. I highly recommend Dr. Rehwald, particularly to those looking to improve overall athletic performance, prevent injuries, and realize your body's full potential.


D.M., M, 30  Frisco, TX


"I had a shoulder issue that when my right arm was extended out in a "L" I was only able to rotate it down half way.  I had already scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic doctor then as luck would have it, a co-worker of mine told me about how Dr. Jason Rehwald had healed his shoulder issue similar to mine using the AMIT method.  I thought why not give it a try to avoid the possibility of going under the knife.  After a few sessions and proper exercises, I was able to see improvement in my shoulder mobility.  In 3 months, I had regained full mobility, now the same as my left shoulder.  The AMIT method was new to me, but I am a believer in it.  Dr. Rehwald is an expert at what he does and very professional."


J.L., M, 39  Dallas, TX

"I have suffered from shoulder problems for 15 years and could not find relief.  Because of this, I was unable to swim without pain.  I am now swimming a mile a week without any pain.  Dr. Rehwald's AMIT treatment truly is revolutionary!"


J.K., M, 40  Frisco, TX

I went to see Dr Rehwald three months after I broke my hip and pelvis. I had been "cleared" by my orthopedist to start running again. I KNEW it still didn't feel right and I was still in a lot of pain. I couldn't walk without a limp and my right leg wouldn't support my body weight. Dr Rehwald spent time listening to me and after a thorough exam told me I wasn't ready to run. He treated  me with this "new" method called AMIT and it changed my life. Muscles that had been "turned off" due to my injury systematically were re-engaged and after 2 months I ran my first half marathon since the initial injury. I am now getting ready for my first half iron man. Dr Rehwald "fixed" me so that I can enjoy my active lifestyle completely pain free.


T.K., F, 37  Frisco, TX

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